Ben Sawyer

Woodsmith. Wordsmith. Crafter of Jokes.

Comedy from the mind of Ben Sawyer.

FAQ (in the usual order)

What kind of comic is Ben Sawyer?

-The best kind of comic.

So he's dead? 

-Just the opposite. In fact, he regularly does live shows all over the place. He's performed all over the United States at venues such as Zanies Comedy Club, The Comedy Zone, Flappers, and many others. He even helped break the Guinness World Record for Longest Stand-Up Comedy twice.

Lots of people have been alive in the past. Can you prove he is still alive?

-Yes. Just check his show dates. He writes & hosts Perfect Timing: A Live Comedy Game Show at Third Coast Comedy Club in Nashville, TN and Stand Up Live in Huntsville, AL. He even did a special edition of Perfect Timing as part of Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Festival in May of 2016 that featured Ralphie May, Ahmed Ahmed, Sarah Tiana and others. That doesn't even count all the other shows he does.

I believe that Ben Sawyer is both alive and a hard-working comic. But where is he from? Does he do anything else?

-Ben was born and raised in Cabarrus County, NC, and spent time living in the American Midwest, Russia, and California before moving to Nashville, TN in January 2013. He spent years working as a carpenter, but then earned a PhD in history in 2013, so now he's a history professor (and a comic, of course). He also co-hosts a history podcast called The Road to Now with Bob Crawford of The Avett Brothers

If someone has lived all over the world, worked a variety of jobs, and gone to school long enough to be a college professor, doesn't that give them a lot of good material for comedy?

-Yes it does.