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Perfect Timing:
A Live Comedy Game Show


The next round of perfect timing is August 10 at third coast comedy club in nashville! Click here for tickets and details!

Perfect Timing is a live comedy game show that's written & hosted by Nashville Comedian Ben Sawyer, with co-hosting & music by Sean Parrott and Gary Fletcher of the Gray Greys. Combining elements of classic game shows with comedic and local content, the show pits three teams of two against each other to win prizes and glory in front of a live audience. Unlike most game shows, however, PT makes the audience members part of the show by offering them the chance to vote on round winners and answer questions on stage! Perfect Timing has been a regular fixture in Nashville since 2015 was on the 2016 lineup for for Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Festival

The Teams: Each show features three two-member teams. Team members need not be comics or trivia masters- the questions are written to be funny and crafted especially for the teams on each show, so all you need is a good sense of humor to be a participant. Past teams include Third Man Records, Lightning 100Yazoo Brewery, Corsair Distillery, Crackerfarm, & 102.9 The Buzz. Our lineup of comics has included Ralphie May, Jon Reep, Geoff Tate, Sarah Tiana, and Dusty Slay. We've even had Michael Ray and Langhorn Slim join us to represent Nashville's thriving music scene. 

The Format: Perfect Timing draws on a variety of game formats and includes rounds of trivia, price guessing, and deception games. It also brings in original elements, such as roast battles and stand up competitions. Each show is written with the contestants in mind, so no two shows will be the same.

Private Events: Perfect Timing is available for private events and is a fun team building event for any business or organization.  For private events in the Huntsville area, please contact Stand Up Live. For private events in Nashville and all other areas, please contact us directly at 

More Information: Exact dates/showtimes are are available by clicking here. To keep up with us, follow Perfect Timing on Twitter and like our facebook page